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The CDJ Gift Guide- Celebration du Jour |

The CDJ Gift Guide

Looking for some gift inspiration this holiday season? Today we’re bringing you our gift guide with some great ideas for your friends, your family, or to add to your very own wish list!

Shop Small on Saturday - Celebration du Jour |

Shop Small on Saturday

Amongst the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, don’t forget about your small businesses! Black Friday is cool and all, but wouldn’t you rather enjoy a unique purchase while boosting your local economy? This coming…

'Tis the Season to Give Thanks - Celebration du Jour |

‘Tis the Season to Give Thanks

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, we thought it would be appropriate to discuss being thankful. You could say that our ongoing theme, whether in our Inspo’s or CDJ’s mission, is gratitude. We encourage being thankful and grateful…