DIY Adult Valentines

We’re sharing more Valentine’s Day inspiration in the form of festive DIY gifts for your adult Valentines!

In our last inspirational post, we told you many ways to celebrate this love-filled weekend. We also made it clear what Valentine’s Day is really about. Taken or single, if you have loved ones in your life (if not a significant other, at least a family member or even a pet), you should be celebrating! Or at least give them a token of your appreciation. Now’s the time to put your imagination to work and pull together simple, creative, and festive adult Valentines perfect for that special someone(s) in your life!

Coffee Lovers

DIY Adult Valentines - Celebration du Jour |
“I love you a latte, Valentine!”

Here’s a perfect gift for coffee-loving Valentines (and for gifters lacking artistic skills). Pick-up a good looking coffee mug along with mini coffee bags. Using K-cups would work too! Place them in the mug with a customized tag tied to it and present to your Valentine first thing in the morning. That way, they can enjoy their gift as soon as they wake up!


DIY Adult Valentines - Celebration du Jour |
“You’re like fine wine, my Valentine”

Who wouldn’t want wine as a Valentine’s Day gift? I know I would! Find a wine glass decorated with hearts and holiday colors. Accompany this with mini bottles of your Valentine’s favorite wine. Get creative and make customized labels to wrap around the bottles. Share before dinner to make for a special meal!

Beggin’ for Bacon

DIY Adult Valentines - Celebration du Jour |
“You bacon me happy, Valentine!”

Why give flowers when you can give a bouquet of bacon roses! Create this “flower” arrangement by first preheating the oven to 375°F. Starting with a slice of bacon, cut the piece in half, long ways. Taking one half of the sliced bacon, begin to roll, longs ways, starting at one end and ending at the other. Once rolled, arrange the top of the bacon roll to look more like rose petals. Place the bacon rose into a slot on a cupcake sheet. Continue these steps until you make your desired amount of bacon roses. Place in the oven and cook until bacon is golden and crispy.

Once bacon is cooled, place on a skewer (preferably green) and arrange in a vase with other greenery to look more like a bouquet. And voilà! you’ve got “roses” even men wouldn’t mind getting.

Beer Enthusiast

DIY Adult Valentines - Celebration du Jour |
“Will you beer my Valentine?”

For your giftees that prefer beer, pick-up a six-pack of your Valentine’s favorite brew. Create customized labels to place over the existing ones. Through some “crafting” research, I’v found other punny label sayings that are sure to make their favorite beers even better: “love you beery much,” “ale always love you,” and my favorite, “pale ale for my favorite male.” Original labels can also be removed, just be sure to point out what beer you got them.

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