Inspo of the Week: Blessed

Inspo of the Week: Blessed - Celebration du Jour |

This week, our Inspo is a phrase heard time and time again from multiple, different sources. “Too blessed to be stressed.”

I am a firm believer in being grateful for what you are provided with in life. Some people take advantage of the idea of being successful or being rich. They stress themselves out thinking about different ways to achieve something they do not have. Although achieving goals and making a living is important, solely seeking richness is a form of thinking that causes stress, ungratefulness and animosity towards one and other. Everyone has that one thing in life that they are truly grateful for. Big, small. A person, an object. Just being thankful for that one thing can change your entire outlook on a bad day.

When I have a bad day, I mentally list all the things I am grateful for. All the things that I am fortunate to have in my life that others do not have in theirs. When you think this way, you believe that you are truly blessed. Too blessed that you shouldn’t be stressing over what other’s have that you don’t. Celebrate the things in life that you are grateful for, that you were blessed with.

Who or what are you blessed with in your life? Please share!

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