Inspo of the Week: Special Occasion

Inspo of the Week: Special Occasion - Celebration du Jour |

Here at Celebration du Jour we think every day is worth celebrating, so this week’s inspo from Thomas Monson couldn’t embody our philosophy more perfectly!

How many times have you put something aside, thinking you didn’t have a good enough reason to use it yet? Whether it was a special pair of shoes, a nice bottle of wine or a fancy new tube of lipstick. They sit in the back of your closet or cabinet, waiting for their opportunity to see daylight and be appreciated. I know I’m guilty of this. I’ll think, “not today, something better will come up,” but does that day really ever seem to come?

It’s time to stop thinking this way! You already treated yourself to that something special, what are you afraid of? Is it that we think those shoes will be “wasted” on a mediocre night? Is the bottle of wine going to taste any less magnificent on a regular Tuesday? I can tell you that lipstick isn’t going to look any less amazing on you just because only one person will see you wearing it.

If something makes you feel great, it won’t be wasted, no matter when you decide to use it. You already spent your hard-earned money to get it, so quit waiting for the “right time” to enjoy it. Life is short, and I say you deserve as many opportunities to feel spectacular as you can get. You don’t need an excuse to treat yourself! Like Monson said, “every day of your life is a special occasion,” so it’s time we started living that way. Try it out, we think you might like it. If you need someone to join the party, we’re always here for you!


What have you been saving for the right time? Are you inspired to stop waiting? Let us know below in the comments!

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