Rainy Day Fun

April showers bring May flowers, but gloomy weather can be a downer. This weekend, I experienced the dreary Spring weather. I was stuck in doors with a limited amount of activities to do.

Luckily, I have my loving roommate and our toddler to help keep me occupied. Being stuck indoors may be reason for some to do chores around the house. Yes, maintaining a clean household is very important, but I see rainy days as an opportunity. An opportunity to do the things you would often neglect on a nicer day. I’m talking taking full advantage of the gloomy weather and unwinding with some rainy day activities.

You can find (or think up) a lot of ways to keep children occupied on these type of days, but the real question is how do you keep adults busy? Well, continue reading and you’ll find out!

Living with a beer enthusiast means that our refrigerator is full of a variety of different brews. With all of these supplies, we put together our own beer sampling. Substitute with wine if that’s more your thing or even sample both!

Rainy Day Fun - Celebration du Jour | thecelebrationdujour.com

Another tasty activity? Baking of course. An activity that’s fun for both adults and sweet-craving toddlers. Bake a batch of homemade brownies to satisfy those cravings and to pair with Terrapin Moo-Hoo Chocolate Milk Stout (one of our sampled beers). Although, a nice cabernet sauvignon would be a perfect pairing as well.

Between baking and cooling the brownies, pass the time by playing a game. Another activity that’s fun for all ages. Channel your inner child and bring out your favorite games. Amongst our favorites, Scattergories and Taboo. However, those games require a rather larger group so we settled for Skip-Bo.

Rainy Day Fun - Celebration du Jour | thecelebrationdujour.com

With full bellies, the next activity to do (and the most obvious) is to watch movies. Snuggle up and take advantage of the dimly lit skies. Lounging with your partner or family is always inviting, but sprawling out and watching a movie of your choice is pretty satisfying as well. Even if you’re stuck indoors alone, this weather also presents you with the opportunity to do things you wouldn’t normally do. So postpone that cleaning!

Another solo activity? Arts and crafts. Yes, arts and crafts is fun in a group setting, but on a rainy day it can be relaxing by yourself. Just imagine, nothing but you, your craft, the soft sound of rain, the overcast environment, and a glass of wine. This can all be very therapeutic. With this type of mood setting in mind, reading a book with a warm cup of tea (I highly suggest a simple green tea latte) can be soothing too.

Rainy Day Fun - Celebration du Jour | thecelebrationdujour.com

Us adults and our toddler survived one of many Spring showers by keeping busy with indoor activities. However, these listed here are just a few. How do you spend your rainy days? Any interesting activities? Please share!

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