Spring Beauty

Spring Beauty - Celebrationdu Jour | thecelebrationdujour.comThe weather’s warmer and flowers are blooming. Spring is upon us! Time to pack up those sweaters and pull out your pastels. Today we’re talking hairstyles and make-up products for the Spring.

For this post, I consulted with Alexis, my go-to hair and make-up stylist and post model, for her input on Spring hairstyles and make-up products. Together we came up with a variety of looks that we’re sharing with you!

Front Braids

Spring Beauty - Celebrationdu Jour | thecelebrationdujour.comBraids are a dainty way to keep your hair out of your face. Alexis did this by parting her hair down the middle and braiding the front parts, securing them back with pins.

Spring Beauty - Celebrationdu Jour | thecelebrationdujour.com

Beach Waves

Spring Beauty - Celebrationdu Jour | thecelebrationdujour.comBeachy hair is too fun to just have in the Summer. Especially when you can create these waves without the sea. Alexis created her waves using the Bed Head Wave Artist. Simply take sections of hair and clamp the waver down that selection. For best results, brush hair with a paddle brush and finish with an anti-frizz serum.

Spring Beauty - Celebrationdu Jour | thecelebrationdujour.com

Fishtail Braids

Spring Beauty - Celebrationdu Jour | thecelebrationdujour.comWith warmer weather, up-dos are a must. Our favorite way to tie up your hair is a fishtail braid. Alexis took a classic fishtail and created an edgy look by separating the braid into two tails.

Spring Beauty - Celebrationdu Jour | thecelebrationdujour.comFor flawless skin, Alexis used NYX Dark Circle Concealer and Cargo_HD Picture Perfect CC Cream as the basis of her glowing look.

Unlike other concealers, NYX Dark Circle Concealer is lightweight and moisturizes. Notes of orange pigments counteracts dark circles while working with the skin-toned pigments to provide a natural coverage. Apply with a concealer brush under your eyes. Then blend with a beauty blender. Although this product does contain coconut oil, we still suggest applying a translucent powder to prevent creasing under your eyes.

Cargo_HD Picture Perfect CC Cream is our favorite all-in-one cream, hydrating, protecting (SPF 20 to protect your best asset from those harsh rays) and perfecting your skin. This lightweight and oil- free cream uses a color correction technology to even skin tones and undetectable blending. For the best results, first apply to the back of your hand. The cream will appear white – blend cream until white turns to your skin tone. Dot blended cream onto your face. Use finger tips or beauty blender to spread evenly over face.

Lip Color

Spring Beauty - Celebrationdu Jour | thecelebrationdujour.comFor an every-day lip color, Alexis used a nude, matte color. Our product suggestions for this look are Revolon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in HD seduction. To ensure no cracking, apply a simple chap stick prior to applying any matte lip colors.

Spring Beauty - Celebrationdu Jour | thecelebrationdujour.comIf a bold lip color is what you’re looking for, try Wet n’ Wild MegaLast Lip Color. This product has a semi-matte finish, allowing your lips to be colorful for up to 4-hours. Alexis used Smokin’ Hot Pink for a ‘wild’ Spring color.

Spring Beauty - Celebrationdu Jour | thecelebrationdujour.comFor subtle color, we recommend NYX Butter Gloss. Although this product comes in an array of different colors, our favorite Spring glosses to use are Fortune Cookie and Raspberry tart. These glosses can either be worn by itself or paired with the above matte colors for an even bolder look.

Spring is our favorite time of the year to experiment with pastel make-up and whimsical hairstyles. With our favorite picks for the Spring, you’ll be sure to achieve this same dreamy look for the season!

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