Valentine’s Day Inspiration

Regardless if you’re taken or single, we’ve got ideal Valentine’s Day plans for you! For this post, we reached out to our readers for suggestions on how to celebrate this weekend of love.

You all hear enough advice from Briana and myself. Therefore, we thought it’s our readers’ turn to share what their big V-Day plans are along with ours! Generally a couples’ holiday, we feel that taken and single lovers should celebrate Valentine’s Day. Whether you are spending it at home with a loved one, going out with a group of friends, or pampering yourself, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. Are you still undecided about what to do this weekend? Read on to see what myself, Briana, and others have planned for this love-filled weekend!

Valentine's Day Inspiration - Celebration du Jour |

“My Heart is Taken!”

“To me, family comes first. So for Valentine’s Day, I plan on celebrating with all of my loved ones! In the morning, I have a brunch date at the Hamilton Kitchen and Bar, in Allentown, PA, with my significant other and our little one. For dinner, we’ll be meeting up with the rest of my family for a seafood dinner.”
Co-Founder of Celebration du Jour

“For Valentine’s Day weekend, my boyfriend and I are going up to Mountain Creek Ski Resort, in Vernon Township, NJ, for a mini getaway. We went up last year for a work event and had so much fun with co-workers that we’re going back this year with the same co-workers. My boyfriend and I have dinner reservations to spend some quality couple time together, but other than that, just relaxing, knitting (for me), and tubing!”
Stay-at-Home Mom
Owner of Britt Knit Stitch

“My wife and I had our first date at Looper’s on the Southside of Bethlehem, PA. For Valentine’s Day, we plan on going to the same place even though it is now Southside 313.”
Marketing Manager

“My Valentine’s Day will not be filled with chocolates and definitely not flowers. However, it will be laid back and full of cuddles, wine, Chinese food, and more wine! I am fortunate that I live with and date someone who is so supportive of my career and business so I’m making and bringing my boyfriend breakfast in bed. We’ll spend the morning together watching old wrestling classics or reruns of Impractical Jokers. For dinner, we plan on ordering in from Szechuan Lei Lei, a Chinese restaurant in Havertown, PA. To top off the night…The Walking Dead returns! What is more romantic than wine, Chinese food, and zombies?”
Assistant EBay Manager and Luxury Jewelry Photographer
Owner of Andrea Krout Photography

“My fiancé and I were never big on celebrating Valentine’s Day. I think it’s more special to celebrate the two of you on a random Tuesday, for no reason – no holiday or social expectation needed. My fiancé and I are good at that. We usually have band practice on Sunday’s. If we skip practice, I suppose my fiancé and I will just order pizza, drink beer or champagne (not just because it’s Valentine’s Day — it’s a regular drink of choice as much as beer is), eat corny Valentine’s Day-themed candy, and watch movies.”
Visual Manager

“I’m in a long distance, bicoastal relationship. My boyfriend is stationed at a naval base in California and I live in Manhattan, NY. So this weekend, I’ll be with girl friends bar hopping in the West Village of NYC, drinking wine, gossiping, and everything else under the sun. Next weekend is when my boyfriend will be coming home to celebrate Valentine’s Day. After two months apart, we plan on just spending time with each other, go to dinner in our hometown, and enjoy a champagne brunch.  Even though we only have 48 hours together, it’s going to be an amazing Valentine’s Day weekend!”
Administrative Assistant 

Valentine's Day Inspiration - Celebration du Jour |
Like these adult Valentines? Stay tuned!

“I’m Single and Ready to Mingle!”

“In Australia, Valentine’s Day happens to be the same day as the St. Kilda Festival, Australia’s largest free music festival. So I’ll be spending the day surrounded by live music, which is one of my truest loves!”
Co-Founder of Celebration du Jour

“Valentine’s Day happens to be during my best friend’s birthday weekend. Saturday night, I am taking him and my other roommate on a Malentines date to the Lehigh Valley Phantom’s ice hockey game in downtown Allentown, PA. Then on Sunday, while everybody is enjoying the Rom-Coms, I’ll be dawning my sweatpants and watching all of my favorite sci-fi movies with myself.”
Research Manager

“My Valentine’s Day plans are sweet and simple. I’m spending the day with my parents! Nothing says romance like crashing your parents’ Valentine’s Day plans.”
International Relations and French Student

“Most of my girlfriends are single so we make Valentine’s Day a major Galentines day! We plan on pampering ourselves with mani’s and pedi’s followed by watching all of our favorite chick flicks accompanied by a crepe bar. Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about spending it with the people you love and I can’t think of a better way to spend the day!”
Business Owner

“Valentine’s Day is the same day as my baseball team’s championship game! I plan on waking up, eating my go-to breakfast (blueberry Eggo waffles topped with peanut butter and drizzled syrup), and listening to island music to get my mind focus and ready for the game. At night, I’ll most likely hit the town with my teammates in the hopes that I find a Valentine while out. All jokes aside, I do have two Valentines…my mother and sister!”
Baseball Player

“Since I’m a graduate student, I’ll be spending Valentine’s Day drinking wine and finishing school work. However, I can expect flowers from my dad! He buys some for me every year. Valentine’s Day is also my half birthday so I cheers to that as well!”
Speech Pathology Graduate Student
Daycare Teacher

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