Winter Headwear

Fact: most of our warmth escapes from the top of our head. That’s why it’s important to protect your noggin’ with a hat during this winter!

Hats may not be the most efficient thing in the world. Not only will they create gravity defying hair, but will leave you with the ever-so glamours “hat hair.” My problem solver to that is to go for hats that are efficient and fashionable. That way you won’t have to take your hats off at all! These four winter headwear are my go-to favorites during the cold winter months.

Nordstrom Collection XIIX Knit Pompom Beanie

Winter Headwear - Celebration du Jour |

Pom beanies are the talk of the town this season. What I love most about my pom beanie is the subtle hint of sparkle. This Nordstrom beanie provides you with just that!

ASOS Skinny Band Felt Floppy Hat

Winter Headwear - Celebration du Jour |

Also my go-to Fall hat, this felt floppy hat has the perfect color tones (and does it’s job) to be used during the Winter as well. What I like most about the ASOS hat is the skinny, black band wrapped around the base. The band adds a nice touch of color to an already perfect hat.

Sylvia Alexander Sparkle Knit Headband

Winter Headwear - Celebration du Jour |

This may not be the ideal head warmer, but it certainly keeps your ears warm! I purchased my headband from The Gem Shop in Bethlehem, PA. This headband from Target is similar in the fact that it’ll keep your ears toasty and has sparkles!

Waffle Knit Slouchy Beanie Hat

Winter Headwear - Celebration du Jour |

My “every day” hat would definitely be my slouchy beanie. It’s simple enough to go with any outfit chose as well as effectively keeps me warm. This beanie from Target does just that.

Throwing a hat over your perfectly groomed hair may not be an ideal situation. But, if your hat’s trendy (like the above are), you’ll only be adding to your overall look!

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